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Bid all the time? For just $175.05 + HST a year, you can bid on an unlimited amount of opportunities from all organizations posting through bids&tenders.

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With our fully unlimited* package, you'll gain:

  • Unlimited access to all agencies on the bids&tenders platform
  • Unlimited bid submissions
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*Agencies may have additional fees for drawings and documents

Per bid payment $52.38 + HST

Only bidding once or twice this year? See all bids on the platform but pay only for the bids you submit, at $52.38 per bid.

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Once you sign up, you'll have instant access to your customized dashboard, complete with active opportunities and a record of your bid history to help you stay organized and on track.

Compliant bids. Every time.

bids&tenders helps ensure that your submissions are compliant. The system will alert you if you miss a mandatory requirement and will even tell you exactly what you need to fix! So stop losing sleep over absent signatures, forgotten forms or misplaced certificates. From start to finish, bids&tenders has you covered.


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