Am I a buyer or supplier?

Not sure where you fall? We get it. The terminology can be confusing. If you're wondering if you're a buyer or a supplier, we can help you out. Sometimes, you can even be both.


Organizations that are looking to purchase goods and services. They will issue a procurmenet opportunity to seek suppliers who will be able to provide said goods and services.

Buyer information

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 Supplier information

Businesses that have a service or product to sell to the buyer. They will be the ones that respond to procurement opportunities issued by the buyers in order to grow their business.

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For example, a municipality creating and posting a bid for electrical work at their City Hall. In this case, the municipality is the buyer. Once the bid is posted, suppliers of electrical work then review and submit a bid to the municipality for the work.

Suppliers can be buyers

In some situations, suppliers can be buyers too. An example of this is a large construction company. Let's say a municipality creates and posts a bid to have a new recreation facility built. The large construction company would then bid as a supplier on the bid. Should the construction company win the bid as a supplier, they may then create and post their own bid opportunities for subcontractors and suppliers to help complete the work. For example, they might post a bid as a buyer for a steel company to supply steel, or for a plumbing company to supply and set up the plumbing services in the building. In this way, some suppliers can also be buyers.

What sets us apart

  • We have high standards when it comes to protecting our users. This means we meet the accessibility and legislative requirements you need to do business without you having to ask or customize anything on the platform (includes AODA, ADA, WCAG 2.0, PCI, ISO 27001, BPS, CETA, CFTA, DDoS protection, and bank grade data encryption).
  • Your account is customizable. Choose the features that work for you, and forget about the ones you don't need.
  • Pay for what you need, don't pay for what you don't. We have different payment models that let you choose what works best for your organization, whatever your needs are as a buyer or a supplier.
  • Compliant bidding. Our platform ensures that suppliers don't miss mandatory requirements, and that once bids are submitted, buyers are always receiving complete and compliant bids, every time.
  • Stay in the know. Our automated notifications to keep you on track on both sides of the bid, including addenda, amendments and reminders.
  • Our team. We boast diverse experiences as buyers and suppliers, as well as the best customer service in the industry. So no matter what side you fall on, we always speak your language.

Next steps

On bids&tenders, you can register as a buyer or supplier, or both. Contact us to learn more. We're always happy to answer questions and guide you through the set up and registration process.

You can also request a demo (for buyers) or register for an on-demand webinar (for suppliers) to learn more about product features and advantages.