Supplier management

You will have access to the following features.

Supplier self-service portal

Suppliers will be able to:

  • Preview the opportunity before registering.
  • View open, closed, unofficial and award projects.
  • Supplier dashboard with access to their current and historical projects.
  • Submit, edit or withdrawal submissions.
  • Review submission status and deadline.
  • Receive automated notifications on bid closings and site meeting reminders.
  • Setup alerts based on commodity categories.
  • Supplier Support portal.
  • Setup alerts based on agency.

Supplier database

You will have a centralized location to access all supplier information:

  • Extract supplier reports by commodity, emergency suppliers, geographical location.
  • Create and manage supplier lists.
  • View a suppliers audit of activity when submitting bids.
  • Review past performance ratings of suppliers and see past evaluations.
  • Search history of past notifications, meeting notifications, award notices, comments on file, etc.
  • Search the repository of uploaded documents with associated contracts, contacts and time stamps.
  • Align departments with common suppliers.


You will have access to the following features.

Purchasing team dashboards

  • Web based portal providing access to bid posting, bid management, evaluations, contracts, supplier database, etc.
  • Manager and Team Member dashboards that support workforce management, planning and communications to council.
    • Spend vs Budget reporting.
    • Project quantities, flow, status, cycle time.
    • Dates and open task lists.
    • Workload assignments.
  • Provide access to internal teams and 3rd party consultants with customizable access rights.

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Online bid advertising

  • Provide a complete suite of configurable options for procurement teams to create and automatically post solicitations.
  • Select between public, public pre-qualified, invitational, limited bids.
  • Choose between RFI, RFP, RFQ, RFT and if it is sealed or unsealed pricing.
  • Organize bid meetings with integration into Outlook Calendars and attendance tracking.
  • Define postdates and deadlines for registration, questions and submissions.
  • Create bids from scratch, use saved templates MS Excel imports or copy & edit past projects.
  • Specify mandatory documents (insurance, contracts, bonds, mandatory forms).

Supplier bid notices

  • Unlimited posting directly onto branded portal.
  • Automatic notifications go to relevant suppliers in the tens of thousands of registered suppliers.
  • Suppliers can access and download your publically posted bid documents for free.
  • Bid Takers get reminder notifications near submission deadlines.
  • More bids often means more competition and more competitive pricing.
  • You can choose to share bid takers automatically to drive competitiveness of bid submissions.

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You will have access to the following features.

Bid management

  • Allocate project teams (ie. procurement lead, procurement team, contracts team and evaluators).
  • Supplier questions are submitted and tracked through the platform.
  • Responses created by project team are consolidated into addenda, automatically posted with notifications emailed to suppliers.
  • Review bid takers.

Online submissions

  • Supplier’s complete submissions online while following the submission guide – Supplier know how to fix any bid irregularities.
  • Bid status is show with time remaining to complete the submission.
  • Missing information, documents and errors are shown by the compliance reviewer with links to where the supplier can resolve them.
  • Submissions only possible after 100% compliant.
  • Suppliers complete online forms where calculations are automatically shown.
  • Suppliers can use digital bonding.
  • Must acknowledge all terms, addenda, laws, appendices and items required in setup.

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You will have the access to the following features.

Automated bid analysis

  • Eliminate weeks of labour intensive review of print / PDF type submissions and associated data entry.
  • Leverage the automated submission analysis to provide immediate bid comparison reports.
    • Pricing.
    • Specifications.
    • Question Responses.
    • References and Sub-Contractors.
  • Avoid spending time reviewing non-compliant bids or bids with submission irregularities with bid compliancy checker.
  • Eliminate opportunities for math and data entry errors while reducing possibilities of liability.

Online evaluation

  • Setup evaluation teams and define evaluation criteria, scoring and weights.
  • Use saved templates or custom evaluation forms and automatically send to the evaluators with automated notifications.
  • Real time reporting of evaluation status by evaluator to eliminate wait time and bottlenecks.
  • Automatically consolidate evaluation scorecards and rankings.
  • All aspects of evaluation and changes from consensus meetings tracked for auditability.

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You will have access to the following features.

Contract Award

  • Award to one or more suppliers.
  • Automatically send Award & Regret letters and post to the web portal.
  • Upload, track and search through all contract and related documentation including.
    • Contracts.
    • Purchase Orders.
    • Insurance Certificates.
    • Bonds.
  • Document uploads and revised files get added to audit file.

Automated audit filing

  • Track, review and export complete audit files of all steps and interactions with the solicitation.
  • Processes conducted in compliance with the published evaluation guidelines and ensures bid compliance.
  • Automated storage of data tables, evaluations contracts and Insurance Certificates.
  • Complies with the Broader Public Sector Procurement Directive, Trade Agreements, CETA.
  • Compliant with Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA) et al.

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Post award

You will have access to the following features.

Contract management

  • Contract documentation automatically managed to ensure current and valid.
  • Track contract term, option years, warranty periods, firm-pricing periods, certificate expiration dates.
  • Automated Supplier notifications in advance of an expiring certificate to provide a link for upload the new documents for approval by the Purchasing Officer.
  • Internal email reminders ahead contract expiry, option extension periods and warranty periods.

Performance management

  • Document supplier performance to support future bid evaluations.
  • Create performance evaluation templates based on desired KPI’s.
  • Automated reminders to User Departments to complete online evaluations.
  • Upload performance files, pictures, site meetings, emails to support supplier performance ratings.
  • Supports scoring alternatives; 0 to 5, 0 to 10, Narrative, Supplier feedback, etc.

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