Supplier Pay

Our most common model is Supplier Pay. This allows suppliers to bid on tenders posted by procurement teams using the bids&tenders digital procurement platform. This leaves little to no costs* for the procurement teams at Buyer organizations and often fits into in-year budgets. 

What suppliers get when registered for $175.05 + tax annually:

  • Unlimited bid document downloads and previews
  • Unlimited electronic bid submissions
  • Automated and configurable bid opportunity notifications
  • Automated notifications of addenda, data changes and schedule changes 
  • Access to bid results Access to the Supplier Support Portal

Most registered suppliers submit bids to tenders posted by procurement teams using bids&tenders. This gives suppliers a way to increase their access to open opportunities. They can simplify the submission process of their bids while reducing their costs. The environmental impact of paper-based submissions is greatly reduced. No more printing, binding, travelling and shipping costs.

We help you increase your opportunities by:

  • notifying your supplier list;
  • contacting the bid&tenders supplier list; and
  • sourcing more vendors at no cost to you.
 *Optional minor costs that Buyer Organizations may budget for include:
  • importing existing supplier contacts
  • contract management
  • esignature solutions

Buyer Pay

Some procurement teams prefer to cover the cost of bid submissions to their tender opportunities. We'll work with you to budget based on your expected annual procurement needs.

Just looking to post one bid?

Do you need to post a bid quickly? You can! Just tell us about your bid by filling out the form and we will do all the work for you.

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