Create email templates and manage settings

Save time by setting up customized email templates. Allow the platform to send out email notifications, award letters and more, so that you do not have to.

Email Template Screen

Manage the public interface

Manage content, branding and workflows on your own webpage. Provide the ability for your suppliers to see bids opportunities that are specific to you. Show transparency by displaying official and unofficial results directly on your page.

Build project templates

Create consistency and streamline your process by creating and managing project templates. Copy closed projects, make edits and post quickly for projects that reoccur annually.

Project Settings

Set up users, groups, permissions and workflows

Only provide permissions to the users that need it, with the ability to create and manage user permissions for each project. Save time by setting up user groups, set up group permissions and assign users to user groups.

Team members

Tailor the platform to your organization

Create custom drop-down lists, bid commodities, departments and more to improve consistency and  streamline the project making process.

Dropdown List

Change eCommerce settings

Have the ability to change eCommerce settings for each project, providing you with the ability to change GL accounts, amounts, taxes and payment gateways.